Frequently Asked Questions 

This is an exciting opportunity, but also a BIG COMMITMENT! That's why we want you and  your student to be prepared as possible. Check out our Q& A below.

Nomination Questions 

Q: My student will be a 9th grader next year. How can I nominate my student?

A: Fill out the interest form. 

Before Applying

Q: My student is interested in joining SEO Scholars, but I want to learn more. 

A: Learn more about us here or contact us directly at

Q: Is my student eligible for this program?

A: To be a SEO Scholar you must: 

Still have questions? Contact us at!

Q: Is this program in-person?

A: Our weekday program is virtual meaning after school program is through Zoom.  Saturday Academy is held in-person. 

Q: When does programming start?

A: If accepted, orientation and programming will kick off Spring semester of the Scholars 9th grade year.

Q: How much does this program cost? Do you provide scholarships?

A: SEO Scholars is a 100% free program. While we help students apply for scholarships to college, we do not directly provide scholarships. 

Q: How many students does SEO accept?

A: SEO Scholars is a competitive program, that will accept 120 ninth graders.

Q: My student is involved in after-school activities, does SEO's schedule accommodate this?

A: Extra curricular activities such as sports and music look great on a college application! While SEO Scholars requires 100% attendance to after-school, Saturday, and Summer Programming, we have many students that participate in extra-curricular.


Q: Okay, we're in! What do we need to be apply?

A: To apply to SEO Scholars, you will need the following materials: 

Additional details about where you can find these materials can be found here!

 After you have collected all the documents, you can start the application!

Q: My student doesn't have my 9th grade progress report yet, what should I do?

A: We understand your student may not have their first 9th grade report card yet. If this is true, we ask for a copy of your students' most recent middle school report card. 

Q: What is SEO looking for in a student? How can my student stand out in their application?

A: SEO Scholars is looking for students who are committed, dedicated, and motivated to go to college. A thoughtful essay on your application is a great way to stand out.

Q: I noticed there is an essay portion on the application, what are the essay requirements? How long should it be?

A: Each essay response should be thoughtfully written in at least eight sentences (although we prefer more). This is your chance to share about yourself!

After Applying

Q: My student has applied, what happens next?

A: If the admissions team feels like this could be a good fit, we will invite your student to an interview. Your student will get to have an interview with one of our staff members and learn more about the program. Additionally, they will also take a diagnostic exam.

Q: My student has applied when can we expect to hear back?

A: If your student applied before November 1, they will hear by December 21. If your student applied between November 2- December 4, they will receive an admissions decision by January 28.

Q: What is my student's GPA drops?

A: We will work with you on next steps, but a student's ability to remain in program is dependent on maintaining minimum GPA of 3.0. 

Q: If my student was not accepted, do you have suggestions for other programs?

A: Yes! If your student is not accepted into the program, we will send them a list of other great programs they can check out!

Q: What is the commitment of the program?

A: Students that join SEO Scholars commit to the following mandatory programming: